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IconTraining and Workforce Development

Responsibilities of Training Team

Research Management’s Training and Workforce Development team strives to meet the training needs of the research community at BWH, MGH, McLean and Spaulding. The team’s goal is to provide the technical knowledge required by Principal Investigators (PIs), Department Administrators (DAs) and RM employees to facilitate the ongoing administrative and financial requirements of sponsored research projects within Partners. The team is also committed to the professional development of these employees and offers several courses designed to enhance and expand interpersonal skills.

 Training Information and Certificate Programs

Whether new employees or veterans in research administration, Principal Investigators (PIs), Department Administrators (DAs) and Research Management (RM) employees can benefit from these trainings, which are designed to address the varying needs and learning preferences of the research community. For more information on research community trainings, click on the links below:

Principal Investigator (PI) Toolkit

The Principal Investigator (PI) toolkit was designed to provide PIs with helpful information whenever they need to access it. Available only online, there is no need to add a training class or meeting to an already full schedule; simply connect to the Partners Research Management Intranet whenever it’s convenient.

The toolkit is organized by pre-award (application stage), post-award (award management and reporting) and finance (allowability of cost, financial monitoring and reporting) functions for ease of navigation. Each section starts with a brief overview of the PIs’ responsibilities specific to that stage of the award lifecycle and then lists topics with links to more detailed information.

Research-related Trainings

A number of other trainings related to research are held throughout Partners, including:

Details about these trainings can be found by clicking the links above.

Contact Information

RM Training and Workforce Development team can be reached by e-mailing RMTraining@partners.org.

For information on Research Management Trainers, go to the Meet the Trainers page.

This page is maintained by the Education & Training team. If you have comments or concerns about information on this page, please send an email to Chris Holley-Williams, RM Education & Training Manager RMTraining@partners.org

Training Testimonials

    “The real-life examples that were given by the instructor gave me a better understanding of the topic discussed and they helped me grasp the concepts a lot better.”

    “A great summary of the grant lifecycle! Extremely useful!”