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Partners Research Compliance Office

Lectures/Discussion Groups Eligible for RCR Credit

The Partners Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Program requires participating trainees, fellows, and career development awardees to attend four hospital-based lectures or discussion sessions within 12-months of attending the PHS-specific RCR introductory session.

See below for lectures and discussion sessions offered by the BWH and the MGH that will satisfy the lecture/discussions requirement. Updates will be posted on the RCR site on the 15th of each month.  

Trainees/fellows/career awardees are encouraged to check this site periodically to identify new course offerings. Registration is through the hospital offering the course not the Partners RCR program.

All trainees/fellows/career awardees must provide documentation attesting to completion of the four courses within a 12-month period. An RCR Attestation Form is provided to meet this requirement.

  • BWH, MGH and McLean trainees/fellows/career awardees should submit this form electronically to the RCR mailbox PHSRCR@partners.org.

Please send any questions about whether a course is RCR-eligible to the RCR mailbox at PHSRCR@partners.org.