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Grants Office Post-Award Team

Responsibilities of Post-Award Team

The Post-Award team within Research Management (RM) serves as the liaison between Principal Investigators (PIs) and sponsors once awards have been issued. The Post-Award team works closely with colleagues on RM's Pre-Award, Contracts and Research Finance teams to support research projects throughout various stages in the lifecycle of an award. The primary responsibilities of these teams are summarized below:

  • Grants Office/
    Pre-Award Team
  • Grants Office/
    Post-Award Team
  • Contracts
  • Research Finance

Grants Office/Post-Award Team Responsibilities

  • Serves as liaison between Principal Investigators (PIs) and sponsors once awards have been issued
  • Performs new award set up, including reviewing terms and conditions and entering essential data into InfoEd and PeopleSoft:
    - Standard Grants (NIH R, and K mechanisms)
    - Multi-Fund Grants, including program projects and cooperative agreements
    - Incoming subcontracts and foundation awards
    - Training grants (T) and Fellowships (F)
    - Industry/corporate-sponsored research agreements (non clinical trials)
    - Sundry funds
  • Initiates outgoing subcontracts through the Contracts team
  • Activates renewal years and updates budgets
  • Monitors funds and expenditures
  • Establishes billing agreements, when appropriate
  • Reviews and approves expense allocations, such as:
    - Salary Allocations/Employee Data Changes (EDCs)
    - eBuy equipment requisitions greater than $15,000
  • Processes sponsor prior approval requests, such as:
    - Effort changes exceeding 25% or more
    - Carryforward, if required by sponsor
    - Change in scope and key personnel
    - No-Cost Extensions (NCE)
    - Rebudgeting in excess of 25% of total approved budget, if required by sponsor
  • Performs administrative aspects of closing out funds
  • Assists with PI (research) transfer out of a Partners entity

Contact Information

Grant Administrators (GAs) on the Post-Award team are assigned to specific departments at BWH and MGH.